Frequently ASked Questions

    • If my heater or air conditioner won't turn on, what should I do?
      If you try to turn on your air conditioner or heater and discover it won't start or is working improperly, it's a good idea to contact us at (888) 312-8692 or online. Over the phone, we can help you discover whether you need a service call or if there are troubleshooting ideas you can try with the assistance of our experts.
    • Do you provide free estimates?
      Yes, the initial consult is free. If your air conditioner or heater isn't working properly, you can call or use our website to contact one of our specialists. We can schedule an in-home consultation to inspect your system and develop a plan.
    • How often should an air conditioner or heating system be serviced?
      It is recommended that you service your heating and air conditioning unit at least once per year. Yearly maintenance is key to ensuring the efficient operation of your HVAC system.
    • When is it time to purchase a new unit?
      The answer to this question depends on your specific situation. When units are 13-15 years of age or If you've noticed that your system is not operating properly, then should contact one of our specialists. We can help you determine the reliability of your current heating or air conditioning unit and help you choose a new model if you need one.
    • My system is broken, and it's Sunday! Can you help me?
      Yes, of course! We are always standing by to help you regardless of the time or day of the week. Our repair services are 24/7 because we understand that heaters and air conditioners don't break down on a schedule.
    • If I need a new air conditioning or heating system and I don't know what type to buy, what should I do?
      Call us, and one of our experts will help you. We will start by setting up an in-home appointment so we can calculate the system size you'll need to heat and cool your home properly. Once we've determined the size of the unit required, we can schedule HVAC installation at a time convenient to your schedule.
    • Can you fix a heater or air conditioner if you didn't install it?
      Yes, our experts are licensed, trained, and certified to fix any heating or cooling system.
    • Is there a suggested thermostat setting?
      Heating and cooling temperatures are individual, which makes this a difficult question to answer. We suggest that you work with your system to find a temperature that makes you most comfortable and then set your thermostat accordingly. If you prefer the temperature very cool at night, but warmer during the day, make sure you aren't running your systems around the clock to achieve these temperatures. For every ten degrees you lower your thermostat to reach your desired temperature, you increase operating costs by 15%. So, it's best to set your thermostat on a schedule to achieve your desired temperature.
    • Are there tips for cooling my home without seeing a spike in my energy bill?

      Unfortunately, there's no great secret to keeping your home cool without paying for it, but there are a few tips you can do to help keep your home cooler.

      • Pre-cool your home before any expected heatwave.
      • Cool your house in the evening when it's more efficient to do so.
      • Ensure your system is properly maintained, so it's working at peak efficiency.
    • Should I have my unit inspected?
      Experts agree that your unit should be inspected regularly. Avoiding regularly scheduled maintenance could result in avoidable breakdowns. An unmaintained machine is also less efficient, which translates to higher operating costs each year.

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